Don Bosco High School | Message


Principal Message

"Each movement is a golden opportunity, an opportunity to learn, to give, to help, to love and to live fully ". Education today is no longer confined to the four walls of the classroom. All round efforts are being made to provide qualitative, value based, activity oriented education in our school. Our striving for excellence in this direction has led us to believe that the interest and curiosity of a child has to be kept ever alive. We have also been successful in providing a conductive and congenial atmosphere in the school so that the activity of teaching and learning is done successfully. "Education has to be a process which prepares the student to learn to develop a way of thinking, that is known success, academics alone is not our aim but to create good and thinking individuals with a right and positive attitude and also equip them to face real life situation".
                                                                                                                 Fr. Anthony Pinto

Objectives of The Institution

The educators consider it their duty to inculcate in their students a deep reverence for God, respect for all religions and a spirit of loving service towards all human beings. Christian students are given a suitable course of religious instruction. Students of other faiths are taught value education, which is a course in their fundamental duties to God, to their fellow human beings and to themselves. This Salesian Society conducts educational centres in more than 128 countries around the world . In addition to academic excellence the integral development of the student is given high priority. The school aims at imparting sound education, installing praise worthy character, creating balanced judgement and achieving a robust physique. Through graded responsibility , personal guidance and social awareness, its students are nurtured to blossom into good citizens, capable of assuming responsibility, and ready to face the challenges of the modern world.

Don Bosco`s Tips to Students

  • Never waste time. Time is precious. Use it well.
  • Eat at regular hours. Overeating will mean an inability to apply yourself to study.
  • Be God-fearing. Take care never to offend God.
  • Avoid bad companions as you would avoid poisonous snakes.
  • Choose some studious boy as a friend.
  • When it’s time to play, get in there and play.
  • Avoid day-dreaming. Keep your mind only on your books when studying.
  • Above all, pray!
If you have any problem or difficulty, please feel free to see Fr. Rector and Fr. Principal who are always ready to help you.

Our Vision

Don Bosco Educational Legacy is Reason, Religious Values , having kindness.
Quality Education for the poor.
Stress free Educational Environment.

Our Mission

The Salient features of a Don Bosco school is
Gives preference to the poor
Fosters Freedom and Openness
Creates a child – centered environment.
Aims at building a family Spirit .
Builds good educator student bands.
Imparts value based education .
Provides skill based training .
Prepares the student for life.